Published on Jun 05, 2023


Military radar should be an early warning, altering along with weapon control functions. It is specially designed to be highly mobile and should be such that it can be deployed within minutes.

Description of Military Radars

Military radar minimizes mutual interference of tasks of both air defenders and friendly air space users. This will result in an increased effectiveness of the combined combat operations. The command and control capabilities of the radar in combination with an effective ground based air defence provide maximum operational effectiveness with a safe, efficient and flexible use of the air space.

The increased operational effectiveness is obtained by combining the advantages of centralized air defence management with decentralized air defence control.

Typical military radar has the following advanced features and benefits: -

¢ All-weather day and night capability.
¢ Multiple target handling and engagement capability.

¢ Short and fast reaction time between target detection and ready to fire moment.
¢ Easy to operate and hence low manning requirements and stress reduction under severe conditions.

¢ Highly mobile system, to be used in all kind of terrain
¢ Flexible weapon integration, and unlimited number of single air defence weapons can be provided with target data.
¢ High resolution, which gives excellent target discrimination and accurate tracking.