Published on Jun 05, 2023


The GPRS services will reflect the GSM services with an exception that the GPRS will have a tremendous transmission rate which will make a good impact in the most of the existing services and a possibility of introduction of new services as operators and users (business/private) appreciate the newly introduced technology.

Description of GPRS

Services such as the Internet, videoconferencing and on-line shopping will be as smooth as talking on the phone, moreover we'll be able to access these services whether we are at work, at home or traveling. In the new information age, the mobile phone will deliver much than just voice calls. It will become a multi-media communications device, capable of sending and receiving graphic images and video.

The most common methods used for data transfer are circuit-switching and packet-switching. With circuit-switched transmission the dedicated circuit is first established across a sequence of links and then the whole channel is allocated to a single user for the whole duration of the call. With packet switched transmission, the data is first cut in to small parts called packages which are then sent in sequence to the receiver, which again builds the packages back together. This ensures that the same link resources can be shared at the same time buy many different users. The link is used only when the user has something to send.

When there is no data to be sent the link is free to be used by another call. Packet switching is ideal for bursty traffic, e.g. voice.