Published on Jun 05, 2023


E-intelligence systems provide internal business users, trading partners, and corporate clients rapid and easy access to the e-business information, applications, and services they need in order to compete effectively and satisfy customer needs. They offer many business benefits to organizations in exploiting the power of the Internet.

Description of E-Intelligence

For example, e-intelligence systems give the organization the ability to:

1.Integrate e-business operations into the traditional business environment, giving business users a complete view of all corporate business operations and information.

2.Help business users make informed decisions based on accurate and consistent e-business information that is collected and integrated from e-business applications.

This business information helps business users optimize Web-based offerings (products offered, pricing and promotions, service and support, and so on) to match marketplace requirements and analyze business performance with respect to competitors and the organization's business-performance objectives.

3.Assist e-business applications in profiling and segmenting e-business customers. Based on this information, businesses can personalize their Web pages and the products and services they offer.

4.Extend the business intelligence environment outside the corporate firewall, helping the organization share internal business information with trading partners. Sharing this information will let it optimize the product supply chain to match the demand for products sold through the Internet and minimizes the costs of maintaining inventory.

5.Extend the business intelligence environment outside the corporate firewall to key corporate clients, giving them access to business information about their accounts.

With this information, clients can analyze and tune their business relationships with other organization, improving client service and satisfaction.

6.Link e-business applications with business intelligence and collaborative processing applications, allowing internal and external users to seamlessly move among different systems.