Published on Jun 05, 2023

Mine Detection Using Radar Bullets

Now a day in places like Afghanistan and Iraq we know that land mines are causing serious threat to the lives of civilians. The mines that are implanted during the wartime may remain undetected for several decades and may suddenly be activated after that. Also during wartime mines implanted by our enemy countries are to be detected and diffused properly in order to save the lives of our soldiers. So we should say that detecting landmines is important for every country today.


The countries known to have severe landmine problems are Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Iraq, Kuwait, Laos, Egypt, Eritrea, Chevalier, China. Unfortunately India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Myanmar are in the list of less mine affected countries besides other 100 countries.


The purpose of a landmine is to disable, immobilize or kill. It is an explosive device activated either by a person or vehicle or by command detonated by electric wire or radio signals. Most land mines are laid on just below the surface of ground and are activated by pressure or trip-wire. Usually most of the land mines will contain many metallic parts, which can be made use of in their detection.

Anti-personal mines claims 70 new victims every day. This weapon is particularly cruel on children whose bodies being smaller and closer to the blast are more likely to sustain serious injury. The severe disabilities and psychological traumas that follow the blast- means these children will have to be looked after for many years.

A child injured at the age of 10 will need about 25 critical limbs during there life time. This cost in 3000 Dollars a huge sum to pay in countries where people earn as little as 10 dollar a month. Between 1979 of 1996 the red crores fitted over 70,000 amputees with critical limbs and the land mine problem in still growing. There for considering these factors the discovery of radar bullet is really a big boost to our world as we launches to 21st century.


The radar bullet is a special type of bullet. The main use of radar bullet is to find landmines without setting foot on the ground. This consists of firing a special bullet in to the ground from a helicopter, which could pin point buried land mines.

The bullet units a radar pulse as it grounds to a halt. This pulse strikes the mine and its image gets available on the computer in the helicopter, offering a safe and efficient way of finding land mines.