Published on Jun 05, 2023


Quantum Dot Lasers can be considered as a quantum leap in the development of lasers. Quantum Dots improve basically the laser emissions. This property of Quantum Dots is well utilized for fiber optic communication, which is now the leading subject under research and development.

Description of Quantum Dot Lasers

Quantum Dots are thus very well used in applications fiber optic communication. The remaining major division of the field of quantum electronics deals with the interactions of coherent light with matter and again leads to a wide range of all-optical and optoelectronic devices. Basically Quantum Dots are made of InGaAs or simply GaAs structures. Also the possibility for extended wave length (>1.1µm) emission from GaAs based devices is an important characteristic of Quantum Dots.

The QDs are formed by an optimized growth approach of alternating sub-monolayer deposition of column III and column V, constituents for optoelectronic device fabrication. Thus there is a large energy separation between states.The infrastructure of the Information Age has to date relied upon advances in microelectronics to produce integrated circuits that continually become smaller, better, and less expensive. The emergence of photonics, where light rather than electricity is manipulated, is posed to further advance the Information Age.

Central to the photonic revolution is the development of miniature light sources such as the Quantum dots(QDs). Today, Quantum Dots manufacturing has been established to serve new datacom and telecom markets. Recent progress in microcavity physics, new materials, and fabrication technologies has enabled a new generation of high performance QDs.