Published on Jun 05, 2023


Multisensor integration is the synergistic use of the information provided by multiple sensory devices to assist in the accomplishment of a task by a system.Multisensor fusion refers to any stage in the integration process where there is an actual combination of different sources of sensory information into one representational format.

Description of Multisensor Fusion and Integration

Multisensor Integration

A group of n sensors provide input to the integration process. In order for the data from each sensor to be used for integration, it must first be effectively modelled. A sensor model represents the uncertainty and error in the data from each sensor and provides a measure of its quality that can be 7used by the subsequent integration functions.

After the data from each sensor has been modelled, it can be integrated into the operation of the system in accord with three different types of sensory processing: fusion, seperate operation, and guiding or cueing.Sensor registration refers to any of the means used to make data from each sensor commensurate in both its spatial and temporal dimensions. If the data provided by a sensor is significantly different from that provided by any other sensors in the system, its influence on the operation of the sensors might be indirect.

The separate operation of such a sensor will influence the other sensors indirectly through the effects he sensor has on the system controller and the world model. A guiding or cueing type sensory processing refers to the situation where the data from one sensor is used to guide or cue the operation of other sensors.