Published on Jun 05, 2023


In power electronics, solid-state electronics is used for the control and conversion of electric power .The goal of power electronics is to realize power conversion from electrical source to an electrical load in a highly efficient, highly reliable and cost effective way. Power electronics modules are key units in a power electronics system.

Description of Integrated Power Electronics Module

These modules contain integration of power switches and associated electronic circuitry for drive control and protection and other passive components.During the past decades, power devices underwent generation-by-generation improvements and can now handle significant power density. On the other hand power electronics packaging has not kept pace with the development of semiconductor devices.

This is due to the limitations of power electronics circuits. The integration of power electronics circuit is quite different from that of other electronics circuits. The objective of power electronics circuits is electronics energy processing and hence require high power handling capability and proper thermal management.Most of the currently used power electronic modules are made by using wire-bonding technology.

In these packages power semi conductor dies are mounted on a common substrate and interconnected with wire bonds. Other associated electronic circuitries are mounted on a multi layer PCB and connected to the power devices by vertical pins. These wire bonds are prone to resistance, parasitic and fatigue failure. Due to its two dimensional structure the package has large size.

Another disadvantage is the ringing produced by parasitic associated with the wire bonds.To improve the performance and reliability of power electronics packages, wire bonds must be replaced.