Published on Jun 05, 2023


Barcodes are simple machine readable codes that the computer can reproduce directly into the bit streams of zeroes and ones which is the machine language of all computers and is known as digital language.

Description of Barcodes

? The information or data is encoded using the width of printed bars, the white spaces between the bars.

? The data is read by scanning the Barcode label by a scanner. The differences in the amount of light reflected from the dark bars and spaces are measured and the decoder translates its information to the data that it represents.

? Barcode system is the most cost-effective and least expensive way of coding information, since they can be printed on plain paper, which the machine can easily read and encode the data or information.


.The bars and spaces of the barcode are arranged as per a set of rules that relate those patterns to their encoded message. These rules are called "Symbologies".

. About a dozen barcode symbologies are internationally standardized having widespread use, though over 260 have been invented.


• UPC is primarily used in retail industry as a POS (Point of Sale) barcode symbology.

• UPC is used in the United States and Canada in the retail industry.

• The two types of UPC codes are UPC-A and UPC-E and UPC-A