Published on Jun 05, 2023


Laptops are becoming as common as your cellular phone, and now they share the hardware industry as that of desktop computers with a number of configurable options. The features, the price, the build quality, the weight and dimensions, the display, battery uptime or that matter, the ease of the trackball. Earlier, there were hardly any configurable options available but today, we have a variety of laptops n different configurations with the process and just about anything you want.

Description of Laptop Computer

Companies such as Intel, AMD, Transmeta and nViad, to name only a few, are making laptops a hype and reality. Intel and AMD have brought out technologies such as speed step to preserve battery power in laptops.If you are on the move all the time, you probably need a laptop that can do all the things that you will not be able to do all the things that you will not only able you to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, but also send and receive e-mail, access the web and may be even play music CDs or watch a DVD movie to get that much deserved break.

You need laptop that is also study enough to take the bumps and joints in its stride while you are on the move.If on other hand, you want a laptop for basic tasks and primarily for the mobility so that your work does not get held up on the occasions that you need to travel, then you would not necessarily need the best in terms of the choice and power of its individual sub systems. There fore, if the CD-ROM drive, floppy drive is not integrated into the main unit, but it supplied as an additional peripheral, the frequent traveler would not only mind, because the overall weight of the laptop would be significantly lesser and would be easier on your shoulder after a long day commuting.

Disk Drives

Like desktops, laptops have various disk drive storage devices. All laptops have an internal hard disk drive, usually 6 to 20 gigabytes (GB). The hard disk drive stores operating systems, application programs and data files. Although the hard disk drive works the same in a laptop as it does in a desktop, laptops generally have less disk space than desktops and you will have fewer choices for hard disk drives in laptops. The smaller hard disk space is one of the chief limitations of laptops.

Sound Cards and Speakers

Like desktops, most laptops are equipped with sound cards and speakers so they can play music from CDs. However, the quality of the speakers built into most laptops does not match that of speakers for desktops, because space is a major limitation in a laptop case. The Toshiba laptop that we dissected has a sound card and jacks so you could hook up a microphone or headphones; it also has a small speaker for sound.

Lecture Presentations

In college, where lectures to large classes are commonplace, many professors can use their laptops, along with other audiovisual equipment, to project slides or lecture notes. And as technology creeps further into public elementary, middle and high schools, there is a growing trend toward teachers using laptops in the classroom for lectures.