Published on Sep 20, 2019


A graphics card (also video card ) is a piece of hardware installed in a computer that is responsible for rendering the image on the computer's monitor or display screen.

Description of Graphic Card

Need of Graphics Card

Graphics card is one of the most important thing in a computer to get a excellent picture quality. Without graphics card the pictures will be looking in a very low quality. Every computer system will be having a internal graphics card of at least 32MB. Some systems have built in graphics memory of even 256MB. Sound cards and graphics card acts as the very important parts of the system next to processors and disks. If you have an external graphics card surely , you could realize the quality of the pictures. We could easily differentiate the color quality of the picture on using a external graphics card. Some famous computer games are there which could run only with an external graphics card. All computer systems will be having the option of adding a external graphics card.

• The Basic Parts Of A Graphics Card

The modern pc graphics card consists of four main components:

• I/O Ports

• The graphics processor

• Graphic Card Interface

• The video memory

• The random access memory


AGP is a high-bandwidth interface designed specifically for graphics cards. It was based on the PCI rev. 2.1 specification. Unlike PCI, which is a shared bus, AGP is dedicated to one device. This allowed AGP to have numerous advantages over PCI such as directly read/write capabilities with the system memory, de-multiplexing or simplification in the organization and transfer of data, and increase clock speeds.

AGP has gone through three major revisions, with the newest being AGP 8x at 2,1 GB/s, meaning that it is eight times faster than the initial AGP standard at 266 MB/s (32 bit, 66 MHz). AGP is being replaced by the PCI Express interface on new motherboards, but AGP 8x (and even AGP 4x) still offer sufficient bandwidth for contemporary video cards. All AGP 8x cards will work in both AGP 4x and AGP 8x slots.