Published on Jun 05, 2023


Ambiophonics is a comprehensive sound recording/reproduction methodology, that like or unlike Stereophonics, Ambisonics, THX 5.1 or Wavefield Synthesis, prescribes hardware/software that scrupulously insures that the well known tenets of human binaural hearing [Appendix 1] are rigorously catered to so as to achieve psychoacoustic and physiological verisimilitude for one or two home listeners/viewers who seek and value “you-arethere” realism.

Description of Ambiophonics

Ambiophonics combines crosstalk-free speaker pairs (Ambiopoles), surround speaker ambience derived from measured hall impulse responses via a convolver (Ambiovolver) and room/speaker correction/treatment to generate a binaurally correct sound field similar to wavefield synthesis. Ambiophonics creates a concert hall stage and hall from just two media channels as found on CDs, MP3s or LPs feeding a single Ambiopole.

Panorambiophonics requires four media channels as provided by multichannel DVDs or SACDs each pair feeding its own Ambiopole. Periambiophonics uses six media channels as in DVD-A, DTS-EX, etc. feeding three Ambiopoles. In each type of system additional hall ambience surround speakers may also be driven via a single Ambiovolver and this is strongly recommended where music is concerned.Conventional surround sound is based on using audio compression technology (for example Dolby ProLogic® or Digital AC-3®) to encode and deliver a multi-channel soundtrack, and audio decompression technology to decode the soundtrack for delivery on a surround sound 5-speaker setup.

Additionally, virtual surround sound systems use 3D audio technology to create the illusion of five speakers emanating from a regular set of stereo speakers, therefore enabling a surround sound listening experience without the need for a five speaker setup. The virtual surround systems have many advantages over conventional surround systems. One is a conventional system contain five speakers, each must be positioned properly, wired to the main amplifier or receiver, balanced -daunting task for someone who just wants to watch a good movie. This seminar deals with different methods to produce virtualization of surround sound, especially Real-Time Partitioned Convolution for Surround sound.