Published on Jun 05, 2023

Autonomous Car

There are many paradigm shifts taking place due to information explosion and the concept of autonomous vehicle is one shift. The car, which is embedded, can simulate the human driver completely and direct the vehicle on the road. Autonomous vehicle is the drastic change in technical brilliance and developments in different fields with EMBEDDED SYSTEM as pioneer.

The fine art of automation

A fully computerized car capable of doing almost everything a car lover would want to. Almost all automobiles will interact with computer on dashboards. From ordering pizza to booking tickets at the nearest theatre, things would be as easy as giving orders to your servant. As a matter of fact, vehicles all over the world are now fitted with intelligent devices that make the vehicles to respond to various factors -be it climate control, sudden accelerations or braking or even self-repair of modules.

The finger print technologies have been introduced to enter and start your car with the touch of a finger. The fingerprint, which is acting as a key, would trigger a check of the mirrors, steering wheel, radio and temperature to ensure that they're the way you like them. The convenience of fingerprint recognition technology comes with heightened security. Unlike personal identification numbers, passwords and keys, each person's unique fingerprints can't be duplicated, lost or forgotten

The models for GPS also include aiding sensors, e.g. dead reckoning, radar and camera. A computer is simply required to feed destination into a dashboard computer. Highly sensitive actuators simulate a human driver completely and direct the vehicle on the road. The vehicle transmitter broadcasts its position and velocity to other immediate participants for collision-avoidance and lane changing manoeuvres. Forward and reverse motions and u-turns are precisely achieved as per route guidance requirements. Furthermore, an accurate steering control is obtained using Pulse Code Modulation technique and acceleration/braking control is successfully implemented using learning adaptive system

The reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness of an autonomous vehicle depend mainly on how judiciously its navigation sensors, perception unit and computer control is incorporated.

The driver's activity is influenced by several factors that depend on driver itself and is environment such as traffic density, traffic status, time of travel and weather. Thus the driving activity deals with a combined driver vehicle-environment system

The vehicle is required to blend its environmental perception capabilities with its intelligent controls in order to affect optimal path-planning strategies that not only avoid obstacles but also minimize criteria such as time of travel, fuel consumption, exposure to pollution/danger, etc. however basic driving functions consists of lane-keeping, safe distance maintenance, timely lane changing and overtaking. The key to all these driving tasks is collision avoidance.



Autonomous Car